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Read this before ordering from your online gallery

You’re about to finalise your photo order and there’s a few things you need to know!

Full disclosure… it might be a teensy bit confusing.

It may help if I explain a few things.

  1. Please email me at any time and I will advise you how to order!

  2. I prefer to sell you digital files only, this is the best value option for both of us.

  3. There are many ways to obtain a print. The way I sell my work is different to other photographers. You benefit from more images to choose from, and printing options to suit all budgets and preferences. This is also why it isn’t as straightforward to order, but remember, you have great value options and the best one is to print your own.

  4. There are three important dates to note– When you were sent your gallery link, you were given three cut off dates. One is when your gallery expires and orders with me and the gallery printer need to be placed. Another is for those who want to take me up on my delivery offer and use the local Red Flair printing option. Lastly you have a 15% off discount code for printing with MPP which expires.

  5. You can have your order fast-tracked. If you need it by a certain date for any reason, please email me ASAP and I will ensure you have your order in time. I need five days notice to accommodate your digital file requests. Prints will take longer.

  6. Payment plans available

Email Me At Any Time

If there’s too much info to read (there is), our brains don’t work the same way (does anyones) and you just want to order x,y,z and you can’t %$**&#  work out how to do it… just email me! I will tell you exactly which items to order so that you pay the best price. My packages provide great value, with a lot of options that I believe meet everyone’s preferences, and I don’t want you spending a second feeling frustrated or angry.


I Prefer To Sell You Digital Files

Digital files = payment for creating/receiving memorable images

Prints = admin, sorting, packing, delivering costs

This is why you need to purchase your images as digital files, and why purchasing the digital file is built into every purchase option. The mark up, to order a print, purely covers my additional costs.

I want you to own the file so that you can make all the photo products your heart desires at cost price, forever. I want to tell you about the great options you have to print your own photos, so that you save money, (and I don’t have to do it).

However, some of you just want to order a print, and may not feel tech savvy or inclined to want to download and then upload to order elsewhere. This is the only reason I also provide print options, and display options.

So, please remember the best value option is to buy the digital files from me and print your own professional prints (following my detailed advice). Mini shoots are a way to purchase bulk amounts of photos as outlined in each description, or you can buy one image for $15 (and leave it at that), or if you order two or more images, they are all $10 each.

All digital downloads are high resolution JPEGS ready to print from.


There Are Lots Of Ways to Obtain a Print

Stay with me… this is where it gets a bit hairy!

Identify your need and stick with that info!

If your needs are simple, there are simple options.

All printing options, and links to printers, are provided in more detail here.

OPTION A: Print your own at cost price – You’ve bought the files off me and are ready to save money!

Do you only want a couple of prints and don’t want to pay a delivery fee on top? Then please order with Red Flair printing in Eltham, by the cut-off date given with your gallery link, and I will collect and deliver your order to your school/kinder for you. You will need to download your images to your device and then upload them to Red Flair’s website to order. Read about how to place this order here.

Do you have a LOT of photos to print? You will probably find that My Pro Photo offer the best prices and this will make the $10 delivery fee worthwhile. You will need to download your images to your device and then upload them to MPP’s website to order. They will post directly to you so there is no cut off date to do this in. You will need my login and probably want to use the discount code, both were provided when you received your gallery link. Please email me if you cannot find this information, or the discount code has expired. You may use this option to print all of your personal photos too.

Do you wish to avoid the hassle of downloading and uploading to a printer, and don’t mind paying higher prices and delivery charges, to choose from a wide range of boutique products, including canvas and fine art prints? Then please use the printer connected to your online gallery. You will need to place your print order before the cut off date when the gallery expires. Once your downloads have been purchased from me, this will be set at cost price (no mark-up). This is accessed from your own gallery, if it is not currently set to cost price (because you haven't finalised your download purchases), you can view the cost prices here. You will need to click on the cart and select BROWSE PRODUCTS to see the product prices.



OPTION B: Order prints from your gallery store – You’re happy to pay extra for convenience!

Do you only want a couple of prints, and are happy to pay a bit more to avoid the hassle of downloading and uploading to an external printer? Then please order directly from me.

Your print options are 5x7 inch or 8x10 inch prints. You are welcome to order the group photo this way. The group photo is provided in a white cardboard folder when ordered as an 8x10 inch print (recommended).

If you have already purchased the digital files for the photos you wish to print the costs will be:

5x7 inch - $10    8x10 inch - $15

If you have not yet purchased the digital files for the photos you wish to print, the costs will be:

5x7 inch - $20    8x10 inch - $25

WATCH OUT – This is not suitable for ordering multiple prints of the same image. This option is provided for those wanting to purchase one copy only. Please consider printing your own at cost price for larger orders. 


Do you only want a couple of images printed, wish to avoid the hassle of downloading and uploading, and want to consider a wider variety of printing options? Then please use the printer connected to your online gallery. You will need to place your print order before the cut-off date when the gallery expires. You will be charged a delivery fee as the printer will deliver directly to you.

If you have not pre-ordered and purchased all of your digital files this option is NOT set at cost-price, the digital download fee is built into the purchase, and you will also receive the image as a download.

WATCH OUT – This is not suitable for ordering multiple prints of the same image. This option is provided for those wanting to purchase one copy only. Please consider printing your own at cost price for larger orders. The purchase prices available in your store, are based on what you did or didn’t pre-order, so if you choose to purchase your digital files and want to then print multiple copies this way, contact me as I will need to adjust it to cost price.

This is the most confusing part of the ordering process and the hardest to describe, as it will differ for everyone based on their order. Please email me if you are confused.


OPTION C: Print Display Products

This year I am trialing including a number of print products from The Photographers Toolbox. This includes framing mounts, display frames and matted albums.


They can be bought, with prints included, in addition to buying digital downloads, or as a stand-alone product. If bought as a stand-alone product, the price is marked up to include my digital download fee and you will also receive the files to download.  I have attempted to make this clear in the gallery store. However, if you wish to order any of these products, it will most likely require you to email me first, so that I can advise and tailor the cost based on other purchases you have made.

You are also welcome to order directly from them, they also sell prints, so this is an option to print yourself if you have purchased digital files.


Important Dates To Note

Orders Due & Gallery Expires: You will no longer be able to view your gallery, place an order with me, or order prints from the printer attached to your gallery.


Red Flair Orders Due: If you place a print order with Red Flair in Eltham by this date I will collect your order and deliver it to your school/kinder. Instructions on how to place an order available here.

MPP Discount code: I have also provided you with a code for 15% off your first order with My Pro Printer. Please note the expiry date.


Fast Track Your Order

To be honest, I am not in the season of my life when I can confidently predict an exact time frame for getting all of the orders out. The time frame varies based on what orders are placed, and whether anything unexpected arises with my young family, in particular if anything causes my youngest child to miss his own kinder sessions!

For the majority of families, kinder photos are a long-term investment and keepsake, and not needed within a specific time frame. But if you need your photos for gifting, or because you are moving away from the area, or any other reason, please advise me of the date you require them, when placing your order. You can do this via email -

I can get digital files to you within a week, (probably sooner in a pinch) but obtaining prints for you will need approximately two weeks notice. 

Otherwise, orders are sent out as they are completed, and I start with those who have made the biggest investment.


I don’t use AI editing, as I am unsure of the privacy ramifications, so it does take time to work through the large amount of photos that I provide. 


I am more than happy to fast track orders, just be up front about your needs and I will meet them.


Payment Plan Options

My payment plan option is simple, pay what you can, when you can, within the year that the photos were taken. You will receive your order once it is all paid for.

I don’t want anyone to miss out on their photos, email me to make a payment plan for yourself.

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