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Once upon a time there was a little girl called Rebecca...


Her prep teacher described her as a bubble of chatter ready to pop!

She loved to sing, dance, write and draw.

Her big dream was to be on Young Talent Time. But she would have accepted fame in any form.

She had a funny Nana who showed her that telling stories, making funny faces and having an irreverent sense of humour was an important life skill.

She is now a lot taller and a tiny bit more grown up.

She lives in a straw bale house that she built with her husband and family.

Her home features two tree trunks, one fairy door, a giant dog who thinks he’s a kitten and a family who are experts at messing it up.

She suspects that many of her house design choices were inspired by Humphrey B. Bear's tree-house!

She has a creative arts degree from VCA’s School of Studies in Creative Arts and has been a children’s entertainer, drama teacher, integration aide and portrait photographer (specialising in kinder photography).

She enjoys running improvisation drama class with primary aged children, and gets involved in as many other creative projects as she can.

She still loves to dance and dreams of being on Young Talent Time. She gets to do this every week at the No Lights No Lycra Dance night she runs.

Rebecca's number one goal is to honour the creative child that she was and inspire creativity in the children she meets.

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