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Printing Your Photos

If you would like my help printing your photos at cost price, these are the options.


There is a table of cost comparisons below.

Best Option for SMALL QUANTITY ENLARGEMENT ORDERS and 6x4 inch prints. Order in time and I will deliver to your school or kinder

Follow the link below to place an online order at cost price with Red Flair in Eltham. This is the best print option if you just want to print the group photo.

For free delivery to your school, place your order by the due date which was given in the email accompanying the link to your online gallery.


Use the code RLP in the ORDER OPTIONS section before check out. These orders will then be noted for collection by me and you won’t need to pay a delivery fee. Please email me at to advise me you have placed an order, so that I can ensure I collect it.


Please take note of the date, if you place your order after the due date given, you will still be able to note that I am collecting it… but you will have missed me and it will sit there waiting for you to collect yourself! You can check in with me to see if there is time to use this option after the date, but please don't order expecting this without confirmation.

You are also welcome to use Red Flair after this date you will just need to pay to have it delivered to you, or choose to collect it yourself for free.

You will need to download your photos to your device and upload them to their ordering system.




Place an online order at cost price with ‘My Pro Printer’ another professional printer I use.

Go to the 'My Pro Printer' website and use my account number 31610


You will receive your photos directly and incur a $10 delivery fee, but most of their print prices are cheaper than many other options and will work out better for large orders.

Please refer to the table below. You will notice that if you want to print three 8x10 inch prints, even with delivery it is the cheaper option.

Use this option, with my account number at any time, for absolutely any photos you wish to print.

You will need to download your photos to your device and upload them to their ordering system.



Order through your online gallery before the expiry date (provided in the email accompanying your online gallery link).

To access boutique products (fine art prints, canvas prints etc) your online gallery is linked to a professional printer, so you can order directly from your gallery. Once you have purchased downloads and selected your images these print options will be set at cost price. Prior to finalising your order and making selections it will show a marked up cost to ensure I am paid. Please email me if you are confused by this option, and I will advise what is best value for your purchase.


Please note this is not the cheapest option and as it is delivered directly to you from the printer, you will incur a delivery charge, which varies with the products ordered. There is a wide range of print options available and I have left them all at cost price.

To order this way, simply choose the image you want to print (within your gallery), select buy now... and have fun choosing your print option! 


Your gallery has an expiry date so this must be ordered before it expires, as you will no longer have access to the store after that date.

Please remember to download your files though, they are yours to keep.


Remember, once you purchase downloads or make your image selections I will adjust these print options, so that they are all at cost price. You can view these product options at cost price here. You will need to click on the cart icon and then select BROWSE PRODUCTS to see the full range.


Cost comparisons

To give you an idea, here is a brief comparison of print prices for the two most affordable options. Please check out the full product range for yourself.

Print sizes are in inches.

RF = Red Flair

MPP = My Pro Photo (Lustre prints)

Please note MPP requires a $10 delivery fee, there are free collection options for Red Flair.

       6x4     RF $0.49    MPP $1.57
       5x7     RF $2.95    MPP $2.30
       6x8     RF $4.95    MPP $2.86
       8x10   RF $8.95    MPP $4.76
       8x12   RF $9.95    MPP $5.71


Order Prints From Rebecca

I have added a further print option, for those people who only want one or two photos (most likely the group photo and a portrait) and don't wish to download and upload their images to another printer to save on print costs. 

When you order prints from me they will be delivered to your school/kinder for collection. These prices reflect the additional print, postage and handling costs I incur. Please note this is not the best value option. I highly recommend printing small quantities with Red Flair as explained above.

These prices are for people who have already purchased their digital files:

6x4 inch $9

5x7 inch $10

8x10 inch $15

Group photo as 8x10 inch in white cardboard folder $15

If you are buying prints of images you haven't already purchased as downloads, these prices will apply:

5x7 inch $20

8x10 inch $25

Group photo as 8x10 inch in white cardboard folder $25


Photo Display Products

You can also order a range of display products from me. Your purchase includes prints, but can be bought without if required. This is kept at cost price for anyone adding these products to a mini shoot order. It can also be purchased as a stand alone product, in which case you will also need to purchase the images printed as digital downloads.

I purchase these high quality products from The Photographers Toolbox. You can view these items or order directly from them here.

The products I offer include the framing mounts, display frames and matted albums.


Price range indicates when purchased alongside a mini shoot (prints included) and when purchased as a stand alone product (prints and downloads included).                                                   

Framing Mounts                               

4x6 print (5x7 outer)                         

$14 - $29   


5x7 print (8x10 outer)                       

$16 - $31

8x10 print (11x14 outer)                     

$18 - $33


Display frames

2 photos as 5x7 inch (V or H)         

$38 - $58

4 photos as 5x7 inch (V only)           

$51 - $91

2 photos as 8x10 inch (H only)         

$53 - $73

Matted Photo Album

5 Images 5x7 inch                             

$50 - $100

6 Images 5x7 inch                           

$55 - $115

10 images 5x7 inch                           

$75 - $175


Photo Books

As you know there are many online options available for making photo books.

Personally I use Snapfish as a convenient, affordable option and Blurb when I want to create something more special.

Both run regular promotions, so keep an eye out for a great deal.

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