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Viewing your gallery and downloading your photos

You will be able to view your school or kinder photos in a private, password protected gallery.

You will receive an email with your password.

Here is everything you need to know about viewing, choosing and downloading your images.


Your gallery will expire in two weeks from the date you received the link. You will receive an email reminding you to finalise your orders or download your files, please ensure you have done so. When the gallery expires you will also no longer have the option to use the gallery store to purchase boutique prints.

I find the gallery fairly intuitive to use. Please get in touch if you are having trouble viewing or downloading your images.



The photos in your gallery are sorted into folders based on what you ordered. Please make sure you look through each folder. An idea of the sort of folders you might find include: Individual photos of your child, Official group photos, Group photo out-takes, Sibling photos, Your child with friends.



Depending on what you pre-ordered and whether I provided extra images for you to consider, add-on purchases or all-inclusive package upgrades may be available. You will find these options in the store accessed via your gallery.

I have also provided a number of easy printing options which are explained here. You cannot order a print without also purchasing the image as a digital file, this is because the mark up on prints is kept to cost price, and the cost to download covers my time and effort. Once you have received your gallery the next steps involved in finalising your purchases will be different for everyone based on what you pre-ordered, so I have given a detailed over view for each scenario, follow the links to read more about your situation.

I pre-ordered mini shoots only

I pre-ordered both individual photos (which I need to select) & mini shoots

I pre-ordered individual photos (which I need to select)

I did not pre-order

If you wish to purchase anything from the gallery store, or need to download your files, please do so before your gallery expires.



The download process is not complete until you can access the images directly from your device/online storage space. All links generated during the download process will expire. When you get to the message that says ‘Your photos are ready to download, click the link below’ you are halfway, this link will expire, continue with the download ASAP. Your downloaded files will be in a zip file.

You will be able to choose to download them to your device, Dropbox or Google photos.

All photos will download without the watermark.

Please make back-up copies of these files as soon as you can. I can only guarantee that I will have your files saved on my computer for 12 months from the original photo day. After this date, should you run in to any problems with your copies of the files, I may not be able to replace the files.

And don’t forget the safest option is to print and enjoy them!



These are yours to use as you wish, however please remember that you do not have permission to share photos of other children online. In particular you should never share the group photo (with or without names) online. Please respect the privacy of other families, and remember that in some situations, it is not safe for a child’s identity to be shared online.



Professional photos, when shared online, should always credit the photographer. They should not be further edited in any way, as they will not represent the photographer’s work. If you do apply your own filters or edits, it is important to note the edits as your own modifications.

So, if you do choose to share the photos of your child online, please tag me in your post. Word of mouth advertising is invaluable to my business. You can tag me on Facebook or Instagram as @rebeccalandycreates, or simply make a mention that the photos were taken by Rebecca Landy Creates.



Thank you for respecting my work and right to earn a living. Many hours go into photographing, editing and communicating with families and I have priced my packages very competitively, with incredible value in the all-inclusive digital packages. It is also not common practice for group photos to be sold as digital files, but I feel it provides families with the best options for making photo books.


Please allow me to continue offering my work in this way, by not sharing files with other families from your school or kinder. Generous 12-month payment plans are available for all products, making school and kinder photo purchases a possibility for all families.


Please remember that If somebody wishes to own a copy of my work, then I deserve to be paid.

Of course, if you have purchased your digital files, you are welcome to share the files amongst your own family and friends so that they may print their own photos of your children!



If you need something photoshopped prior to printing, please get in touch to discuss my photoshop fee.


For basic retouching (paint on hand, blemishes etc) the fee is $3 per image. If there is more work involved, I will provide a quote based on the time involved and number of images.

If you have any concerns about how an image is printing, also get in touch.

Please keep in mind that I only keep the files for 12 months from the day the photos were taken. Some things cannot be easily corrected without the original RAW file, so printing sooner rather than later is always a safe option.

Please see my comments under making enlargements also.



I have provided a range of cost price professional printing options, you can view the details here



All official group photos are provided with names, ready to print as an 8x10 inch print, but they should successfully crop down to a 5x7inch too.

The group photo out-takes are provided without names and will print well as a 6x4 inch or can be cropped to any size.



If you are looking at getting any special black and white prints done and would like it provided as a B&W file, please email me the details within 12 months of photo day and I can provide up to 5 images free of charge. For larger amounts we can discuss a photoshopping fee.



Because I focus on documenting your child’s day at kinder, I often let a few photos through that may be a little soft in focus because they tell a story, or are a particularly lovely expression that will print well in a regular sized photobook. If you are getting anything printed in a size larger than 8x12 inch, especially if you are investing in a canvas print, please feel free to email me and request that I check the image for suitability. Just email me the image number and the print size you are planning to get.

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