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Further information for parents

A bit about your photographer

Your school has chosen me to take your school photos because they are looking for a natural style of photography that captures the personality of your children.

I have been photographing children in kindergartens since 2004 and love being able to show parents how they interact with their friends, goof around and immerse themselves in make believe.

Whilst school photography is a bit different to kinder photography, I believe they can still be playful and authentic images, full of warmth, creativity and life. I bring my experience and curiosity in documenting children to the job, and my goal is to capture images that genuinely reflect this year in your child’s life.

Regardless of which package you choose I will take a few extra moments to see what I can draw out of your child for their school photos.

Why digital only?

My packages only include digital files, no prints.

I personally have a stack of school photos of my kids that I don’t know what to do with, because I have digital copies of all my other photos, and so I print photobooks and can’t include these. Each year I am forced to purchase the same photo of each child in a million different sizes that I have no use for. I call this outdated, and I call it waste.

Rather than charge you for the admin time it takes me to process orders and handle prints, my prices reflect the time it takes me to capture, edit and distribute a variety of images to you. You get to choose which ones you love the most, and how you want to print and display your photos. When you own the files, you can print them at any quality and quantity you like, forever and ever. You can also email it to all your loved ones and say ‘here you go, print your own photos’!

Payment Plans

No family should miss out on school photos.

Regardless of how big or small your order is, we can work out a payment plan that suits you.

Spread the cost (no extra charges) over the entire year if you like, in a way that suits your budget. Full payment just needs to be received by the end of term four, and photos aren’t made available for viewing or downloading until full payment is received.

Printing Options

I can direct you to three easy options, which will provide you with professional quality prints. The choice will depend on what you are after. Of course, you may already have a preferred printer. Please, please don’t print them at Kmart though, they will not be satisfactory prints.


Here is my printing advice based on which statement applies to you.


I would like to consider a range of boutique products and fine art print options.

The store in your personal Pixieset gallery will link you directly to a range of high quality, heirloom products online. These will be shipped directly to you, so they will charge you a $16.50 delivery fee. You may like this option as you can choose the photos directly from your gallery and order prints, however it is not the cheapest option. Please also remember to download your images to your computer, so that you can keep them forever and ever. This option is available up until the expiry date of your online gallery, which will be stated in the email you receive when your images are ready to download.

I only want to have one or two photos printed

A handy local option is Red Flair Photography and Imaging in Eltham.

I will be collecting any orders you have placed at Red Flair, on a particular date (these details will be included when your photos were made available) and dropping them off to the school. You just need to add RLP in the order options section before you check out. If you don’t order your prints in time, you will be able to collect them yourself, or choose to pay for delivery.

You can obviously choose to have as many photos as you like printed here, I advise you to consider both Red Flair and MPP’s prices based on what you want to order and see which offers best value to you, baring in mind that you can avoid a delivery charge at Red Flair, however enlargements at MPP are cheaper.

I want to print a large number of photos

MPP offers the best prices for basic professional prints. You will be charged a $10 shipping fee as they will be posted directly to you, however this may work out a better option for large orders. I am still in the process of setting this option up and will be able to provide you with a client number to login and order.


This will be updated when I have it, but if you are after the information sooner, please send me an email and I can give you an idea of the pricing.


I want to make a photobook

You will most likely be familiar with the online photobook companies.


I choose to use Snapfish when I need an affordable product, or just want a copy of something to hand to the kids.


When I want something special I use Blurb.

Something else that is helpful to know...

Along with my creative work, I’m also currently a full time mum to my last baby and am desperately soaking up all these ‘lasts.’ Perhaps I shouldn’t be working at the moment… but I also love that. What this means is that my admin and editing work is done in odd  grabs of time and often very late at night.


I know that many of you will identify with this!

I want nothing but a good experience for myself and my clients. So, if a problem or query does arise please get in touch and know that, even if there are delays in getting back to you, they will all be resolved. I'm not working on a large scale, so you, and your order have my attention. I'm just juggling my work and home life and sometimes this is easier than at other times, as you well know.


 Please include URGENT in your subject heading for anything that can't wait and I will prioritise responding to you! 

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