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Further Information for Schools

2023 is the first year that I have extended my photography services to school photography.

I believe that it is best suited to alternative schools and small schools of less than 100 children. Alternatively, I can photograph larger schools over a number of days.


I do not work all over Melbourne, so please email to discuss whether I would be able to work at your school. For the next few years I will only be taking on a handful of schools or kindergartens, but am happy to discuss the options with any interested schools.

Note for the school:

No child should miss out on school photos. If a school is aware that a family is struggling and cannot afford school photos, I offer the school a 50% discount on the ‘Winners are Grinners’ or ‘Stock Standard Old School Pack’ if they wish to purchase it for them. Payment plans are also available for the families, photos just need to be paid for by the end of term 4.

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