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Kinder Photography - FAQ

Before sending me an email, please take a look and see if I have answered your questions here, don't hesitate to email me if your question is not answered, or you are having any troubles with the ordering process.

Pre-Photo Day Questions

My child attends multiple sessions that you are photographing, will you photograph my child every day?

I aim to take all of their photos during the first session, however I also make a note of who attends the second session, so if I am pushed for time, I know who I can follow up with more. If I see a photo opportunity, I will always take it, so it is most likely they will have more photos taken each day. A group photo will also be taken at each session. If you know in advance that your child will not be attending the second session (if it’s their usual day to attend) please let me know when you drop them off, so that I make sure their photos are completed.

What if my child is sick on photo day?

Now more than ever, it is important that you do not send your child to kinder when they are unwell. Like-wise I will postpone photo day if I am unwell myself. I will return as many times as necessary to ensure that all children are photographed, and all children will be photoshopped into the group photo.

What should I tell my child about photo day?

I pride myself on developing a great rapport with all children. Photo day will be fun! You might like to tell your child that a very silly lady will be visiting and that she will be taking photos of all their kinder adventures. Let them know that you can’t wait to see what they get up to at kinder! There is no need to remind them to smile, (it can have the opposite effect).

What should my child wear for photo day?

These will be your photos to cherish and should reflect whatever you want them to be. Keep in mind that they will do their normal kinder activities, fancy hairstyles might fall out, layers may be taken off or added and clothes might become muddy. The photos will reflect a day of play at kinder. I try to keep an eye out for things that need fixing, but ultimately I am watching the play, looking for the moments, not straightening collars. You might like to take a look at my past photos to see what colour clothing appeals to you in the kinder setting. Some parents want their children in their regular kinder clothes (that’s me), others dress them up a little. The choice is yours. 

Will the photographer remove hats and coats for photos?

Occasionally I may ask a child to remove their hat and coat for a photo, however it is not possible to capture children in the moment and to take a high volume of photos if stopping to do this each time.

When the weather allows, I will ask teachers if hats and coats can be left off for photo day, but if this is not permitted, children will be photographed with them on. Please keep this in mind when choosing your child’s outfit, you may have a different hat and coat that you wish to send for photo day.

How many photos do you take?

This will vary depending on your pre-purchase.

Families ordering The Full Story can expect a minimum of 8 activities to be photographed, with many more candid photos taken with friends and absorbed in play. I always aim to take a more posed portrait photo as well. You are also welcome to have a photo with your child at drop off or pick up.

If you order Story Highlights (individual images), I will ensure they are photographed in enough activities to provide for the number of photos you ordered. There will be a wide range of expressions to choose from. 

If you forget to register or pre-order, your child will be included in the group photo and will not have any individual photos taken. 

Do you set photos up?

I aim not to, but if a child is engaged in the one activity for a long period of time (which is fantastic on any other day) I will re-direct them to another activity they enjoy, or do a quick circuit of the kinder with them so that they can return to their activity and be left in peace!

Do you photograph children playing together?

I photograph children playing together when the opportunity arises, although it is not my first priority for the session. I do find it hard to ignore a cute tea-party, a secret huddle in a cubby house or a group of builders constructing a high rise! These photos will be shared with the families of all of the children in the photo and made available for purchase. Unless a parent has requested that their child not be photographed with other children it is possible that they will be photographed playing with friends, but it is not guaranteed.

If The Full Story package has been purchased for a child, I will make a point of photographing them with friends.

Can I have photos taken with my child and with other siblings?

If permitted by the kinder teachers I am happy to stay around after the session and take a few quick photos with parents or siblings. At the start of the session my priority is to start photographing the kinder children while they are fresh. Don’t be surprised if I take a few opportunistic photos of families doing the drop-off or pick-up though! If you think you would like some quick parent/sibling photos afterwards please send me an email or let me know in person at drop off. (I may also have a moment to take some at drop off).

Do you have a current working with children check?

Yes, I do

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