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Thanks for your interest in my school holiday drama improvisation classes!

A Natural Girl

My improvisation classes are playful, welcoming and often ridiculous, providing a space to explore our imaginations and build confidence in sharing our ideas and performing in front of others.

The classes are designed to feed your childs imagination and appetite for performance. 

Why Improvisation?

The ability to improvise is a fantastic life skill and a great foundation for further development as a performer.


Improvisation provides opportunities for children to explore their own ideas, imagination and personality. Improvisation classes teach us to trust in our ideas and instincts and develop our ability to think on the spot.


It’s easy to see how this can help with social interactions, creative pursuits, team work and with all aspects of education.


The ability to have a ‘what if?’ mindset is extremely useful!

Improvisation encourages us to be creative with our instincts and choices and to think on our feet. It builds confidence, courage and creativity and requires flexibilty and team work as the activities work best when we support each other and accept each others ideas.


But mostly... it's just fun!


Cartoon Fox

The rules of improvisation

At the beginning of each class I remind participants to follow these improv rules:

Say Yes

Accept everyone’s ideas!

Say Yes AND…

Add an idea of your own

Make Statements

Commit to YOUR ideas, we can all come up with answers

There are no mistakes!

Only opportunities

Playing the Flute
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