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Advice for families who did not pre-order kinder photos

This page is for families who did not pre-order their kinder photos. If you have not pre-ordered you will generally only have the group photo and group out-takes to choose from. If there has been some communication that resulted in me taking photos of your child, you will have some purchase options but will need to contact me if you didn't register, as I will not have your contact details and so cannot share your gallery until you make contact.

Were any photos taken of my child?

Unfortunately, if no pre-order was placed I will not have taken any individual photos of your child. However they may have been photographed playing with friends, and the group photo is available for you to purchase. Please send me an email to discuss your options, and what is available.

There is also the possibility that I need to return to your child's kinder to photograph children that were absent, and you may be able to have some photos taken then.

If we spoke at the start of the kinder session, but you have not registered for kinder photos, please email me as I cannot contact you to share the gallery otherwise.

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