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What you need to understand about the ordering system

A NOTE FOR PAST CUSTOMERS: If you ordered school photos from me in 2023, please note that my products and pricing structure has had a few changes. This is based on what I observed and the customer feedback I received.



  1. Your order needs to be placed 24 hours before your school photo session takes place.

  2. If no order is received by photo day your child will only be photographed in the group photo.

  3. All children will be included in the group photo regardless of whether an order has been placed, unless the school is aware of strict privacy requirements. Please email if you do not wish your child to be photographed in the group photo.

  4. Your pre-order dictates how many photos are taken of your child on photo day.

  5. All pre-orders are for digital downloads only, prints can be purchased at low or cost price after photo day, either through me, or by yourself.

  6. If your child is absent on photo day, I will return to photograph them and photoshop them into the group photo. Please do not send sick children.



Why do you need us to pre-purchase?

There are two main reasons.

Covering costs: There are not many professions that provide their services on the off-chance they will be paid.  As a professional photographer who puts a great deal of time and effort into ensuring you have a selection of beautiful images to choose from, it is understandable that I ensure I am paid to do this.

Pre-purchases have been designed to offer a reasonable amount of purchase flexibility, by allowing upgrades and image selection. Pre-purchases also communicate each client’s photography requirements, so that I can use my time and energy most effectively and ensure everyone’s needs are adequately (and not excessively) met. If you have no intention of purchasing 20 photos, no matter how gorgeous they are, then I don’t need to spend additional time taking and editing them.

Photo theft: Unfortunately, current technology makes photo theft too easy. The sad reality is that it is nearly impossible for photographers to safeguard digital images which are shown to clients for their consideration, therefore I lower my risk of theft by limiting what I provide based on what you pre-purchase.


Why can we only pre-order as digital files?

I have separated your purchasing costs into two parts. My labour is covered by your digital purchase, printing costs are covered when prints are ordered.

Please note that if you were able to purchase prints before photo day, the same charges would be built into the print price, as my time still needs to be covered, so you aren’t being charged any more.

Selling prints adds extra costs in printing, packaging and time spent sorting. These extra costs will only be charged if you choose to add prints after photo day. The pre-order of digital downloads, covers the costs involved for me to photograph your child and prepare your images for viewing, selecting and downloading.

Once you have seen your gallery you are welcome to add prints to your order. I have kept these additional print purchases to a low cost, and have also provided extensive advice so that you can purchase your own professional prints yourself, at cost price.


I forgot to order before photo day, what can I do?

If you place your order on the morning of photo day and can show me a screen shot of your order confirmation, at school drop off, I will be happy to add your child to my shoot list. However, if no order is received, your child will only be photographed in the group photo.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You are welcome to make regular instalments via EFT, or credit card, throughout the year, spaced out in a way that suits your budget. No photos are provided until full payment is made, however you are welcome to take all year to pay it off if you wish. Simply send me an email at to communicate your needs and receive a payment link or bank account details. I require a $10 deposit prior to photo day.


Will siblings be photographed together?

If a sibling product is purchased before photo day they will be photographed together. You may choose to order one portrait photo of them, or a playful 5-minute mini shoot. If ordering one photo, a small selection of standard portrait photos will be taken of them, in a natural outdoor setting. You will be able to choose which photo you receive, and may add extra downloads to your order upon seeing your gallery. A mini shoot is all inclusive, so you will be able to download all photos taken and can expect upwards of 20 photos. Mini shoots include standard portraits in the natural outdoor setting, but go further to capture more of your children’s personalities and how they interact. Mini shoots are guided by their suggestions of what they would like to show and include. They are welcome to bring toys and props, or request a playground location.


How do friend photo purchases work?

Friend purchases can be treated as sibling purchases. That is, only one family needs to buy the digital file/s and they may share these with the other family. It is up to the families if they choose to split the cost between them! The photos will be shared to the galleries of both families. If a single photo was purchased, the purchaser chooses the photo. If the other family wish to own a different image, they can purchase one as an extra for $10. If a mini shoot was purchased both families can download the images and purchase prints if they wish. These photos work best with a maximum of three children, but it’s up to you how many children are included.  Please remember to leave a note to seller at checkout, stating the name of the children you want in the friend photo. I will check that each family permits the photos being taken.


Can you downgrade your photo order after photo day?

No, it is not possible to downgrade your package after photo day, as I will have already completed the work required. By asking for pre-orders, I commit to providing you with the correct amount of high-quality images, that you require. I will offer you as much choice as your pre-order asks me to provide, be that a small selection so that you may choose one image or upwards of 20, so that you can download them all. Therefore, your pre-order is an agreement that I will match your needs and covers the effort I put in to working creatively with your child and editing your photos. If you have any concerns about the photos you receive, please email me so that I can address or rectify this for you.


Can all orders be upgraded to a Mini Shoot after photo day?

If you pre-order a single photo of your child, siblings or friends and later decide to purchase more photos to download from the selection you are shown, it may be better value to upgrade to an individual, sibling or friend mini shoot. If you upgrade to a mini shoot, you will be able to download all relevant photos taken, however you will not receive the same amount of images as someone who had pre-ordered a mini shoot. It is in effect, capping what you need to spend, but I cannot take more photos for you.


Can I buy prints of photos that I haven’t purchased as a digital file?

No, you cannot. As explained, the purchase price is divided in two parts. Prints are offered as add-ons, post-photo day and are priced to cover only the printing costs, not my time in taking the initial photos. If you purchased a mini shoot, you can order prints of any photos you receive in your gallery. If you ordered a one photo package, you can only order prints of the same photo you choose to download. If you wish to order prints of extra photos, $10 will be added to the print price and you will also receive the photo as a digital download along with your print.


Can I buy prints in sizes other than 6x4, 5x7 and 8x10 inch?

All downloads are provided as high-resolution digital files, so if printing your photos yourself, you will have the full range of print options to choose from. If you wish to buy any different sized prints from me, please email for a quote.


What is the difference between Official Group Photos and Group out-takes?

There is one official group photo created for the school. This is photoshopped as required and presented with names. The Group out-takes are not photoshopped and do not come with names.

After taking the official group photo, I prompt the children to interact naturally and pull silly faces. These are available to download and print at a cheaper price than the official group photo, but cannot be bought until you have purchased an official group photo to download. These are bonus additions, not cheaper alternatives to purchasing a group photo.

Anyone who purchases a group photo will be able to view these out-takes in their gallery. They are already included with the mini shoots for individual children (Order Items E, L and M).

Following photo day they can be added as extra downloads, and can also be purchased as a complete set of downloads for $20.



I can’t find the email with the details to access my gallery!

First search your inbox and junk mail for an email from Pixieset. This is the gallery provider, your email with a link and PIN was sent from there. If you can no longer locate it, please email me at


What are the printing options available after photo day?

All print options are explained in detail here.

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